Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Spanish oak - Quercus

Spanish oaks like oak trees everywhere are supportive of vast numbers of insects which provide food for other creatures further along the food chain. As such mature trees are a magnet for wildlife. The acorns are popular with squirrels and I spotted a couple of red squirrels in trees adjacent to the villa.

The picture above is taken from a small tree on our land which at some time in the past had been cut down. Two stems have sprouted from the base and they are now around 7' high. I have cleared away some of the weaker growth and so far it looks like we will get a two stemmed tree with a reasonable shape. We look forward to watching the wildlife that this tree will attract.


  1. Do you have a botanical name for this. It's beautiful and I'd like to know the species. It looks like some we have here in Southern California. Very robust!

  2. Garden wise guy - Quercus falcata It has a pale grey hairy underleaf, one of the redwood oak family.