Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rubble, toil and trouble

Whilst laying our paths and beds we had the builders in to convert the laundry / utility room into a family bathroom, and relay the kitchen floor. The work lasted five weeks and produced copious amounts of waste building materials which were deposited right on the spot where we were working. Why is it when builders are on site they seem to require your tools and materials to operate? Even the boards for our raised beds were used to support cabinets while they replaced tiles. Some the work had to be redone as it was not up to standard, despite the protests of the tiler. This meant that I became an unpaid project manager again having to be on site every minute they worked.

The gravel paths we were laying were strewn with small bits of rubble which had to be painstakingly cleaned. Whilst cleaning the gravel I took the opportunity to get back into the gardening instead of supervising builders, by clearing away some of the leaves and dead vegetation which was lying around the paths. It was then that I got a bit of a surprise.........

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