Saturday, September 29, 2007

apologies for being elsewhere!

I am supervising the reform of an old laundry room into a full bathroom, all garden articles will be published in November.

Life ain't just a bowl of cherries!


  1. Hi, I cannot find your email address on your site, but just wanted to say I have nominated your website for a best blog at I have enjoyed reading your website over the past year (admittedly occasionally!) but have also added your link to the website I manage in the Costa del Sol, as I think it is useful to others new to Spain. I only email you as I'm not sure if you get official notices from the 'bloggers' but they do have a little 'Brag Badge' you can add to your site - and I think you deserve some recognition for all your hardwork. Best regards, Sharon

  2. Hi Colin and Carole. Hope the reforming is going well. Isn't it a conflict when there are other things to do plus the garden.

    Keeping one step ahead of maintenance, inside and out, plus new projects is wearing us out! And the demands of blogging are a bit overwhelming at times.

    Look forward in time to your latest gardening news.

  3. Sharon - Thank you for your support, I had to remove the email because of spam mail. Thanks also for the link.

    Pam - I have been besieged by the builders. But now winters upon us they have gone.