Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am more a fan of the Iris now than I ever was. Even as the blooms fade they still have a presence in the garden. This sort of photograph always puts be in mind of a Rembrandt painting


  1. Hello again! Maiby You can see my blog, 2. April story? This tree is on the first picture with one boy with sunglasses.
    I'm sorry if my English is not good. I dont speak very often in English.

  2. Beautifull irises! Are they in bloom now? I live in southern Portugal and my irises have long faded now...they are more of a late spring flower here and never make it untill summer.

  3. Gintoino - They have just faded but I am waiting for some late planted bulbs which I bought on ebay to bloom.

    Isehakanud - it looks like the seeds of a plane tree maybe if it is in leaf now you could take more pictures?

  4. Thank you! Now I know what tree is it. In Estonian "plataan"
    I wish you well and good wether!

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