Monday, May 28, 2007

Without justification

Whilst searching for plants and seeds I came upon this important notice on an old building.

Hard enough you make think, to set out your carefully chosen words on the silver-ish screen that is your computer monitor. Though that rather clever little word processor can enable you to revise and review your purple prose. As you labour then over today's piece for your garden blog, spare a thought for the tile maker who was entrusted with this ceramic masterpiece from the pueblo of Fortia. It appears that font choice, print size, and typesetting where not the tile makers forte.

The Pueblo of Fortia
part of
in the province of

was the intended message, and obviously the budget only stretched to those nine small ceramic tiles. Now that the cement has long tried editing that particular text looks a trifle tricky to me. It ain't what you say its the way that you say it

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