Friday, March 09, 2007

Honey Locust

I found two seedlings of the Gleditsia triacanthos tree in a hedgerow outside of a nursery in the town of L'Escala. Both weere potted on and made reasonable saplings within a month or two, however the scorching winds killed off one of them whilst sparing the other. The tree has a bark which is purple on the younger stems so although deciduous has enough character to maintain a winter presence in the garden. The stems are protected by vicious looking thorns which should repel grazing animals like wild deer.
This is a tree that is fairly fast growing and produces a durable timber that is useful for polished finishes. The bright offset leaflets look good in springtime and turn golden in autumn. Although it is often recommended for poor soil conditions which I have, it is also susceptible to high winds which can shatter the limbs of the Gledista. High winds we also have so it will have to tough to survive.

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