Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Directory of Garden Blogs

Visit Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas

Take a look at the new Directory of Garden Blogs over at Gardening tips and ideas. The directory lists only garden blogs and you can search for local or worldwide content. Once enough people sign up there will be an interactive map too!


  1. Stuart10:17 am

    Hello Colin & Carol,

    Thanks for the promo for the new directory. I just wanted to clarify to your readers that the interactive map is already there! They just need to click on the country that they want to peruse and it will show them all the links.

    Alas, I have put Spain in with the UK. As it gets bigger I will your country their own link.

    Great to find you though.

  2. Thanks Colin and Carol - will take a look now I've got my head round Spain being in the UK!

  3. If you can find your home on google earth that program shows your location co-ordinants so that you can imput correctly. Found this out after I had entered my own!