Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Itchy fingers

My itchy fingers will have to wait a couple more weeks until the days begin to lengthen; the spring equinox is due on March the 21st 2007. Before seed sowing begins in earnest I will have to clean up the old propagator and also pots and seed pans that have been previously used. I have in recent years favoured the use of old food containers which are used only for a season and then recycled.

Whilst in Tenerife I collected seed from this plant which I will have to identify before I can label them.

Winter is about to start in northern Europe and there are bound to be casualties of the weather. Seed and cuttings are a good insurance policy against winter losses.


  1. I can understand the itchy fingers...winter has hung on too long this year, for my liking!

    We've had terrible storms, and I hear Europe had those the last two days, too. Hope you've escaped.

    Happy Spring!

  2. Winter is still travelling towards us here. The winds are howling but so far no snow. Nature has a great capacity for making fools of us though and it is too early to start counting our chickens!