Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Why do they bother to call it a Christmas cactus? I’ve had Zygocactus for ten years now and each year its flowering period has missed Christmas by a mile. Where in the world does Christmas fall in November? Sure enough it is barely December and the flowers are gone.

Maybe I could torture the plant; sorry I mean extraordinarily render it by placing it in a state where it could be subjected to daylight deprivation brainwashing it into thinking Christmas is really November. But then I would probably be attacked by the eco-warriors and charged with plant abuse.

And whilst I’m disappointed in the attitude of my Christmas cactus I’m really quite annoyed with the Christmas Rose or Helleborus Niger, which doesn’t show up until around the Chinese New Year and then hangs around till Easter!


  1. Maybe it's a Thanksgiving cactus! Thanksgiving is a holiday in November here in the US. I have a New Years cactus. It blooms in January.

  2. It may be a Thanksgiving cactus after all it keeps making a turkey out of me! Tricky blighters arn't they.