Friday, December 22, 2006


We have both north and south facing balconies. Immediately below the north balcony is a young wisteria; a plant that was in flower when purchased so hopefully we will not have to wait twenty years for it to flower, as you may often find with a seed sown specimen. The pea like blue flowers will eventually be trained along the lower edge of the balcony, and their colour will restrict our choice of plants for placing on that north balcony in years to come. One of the best wisteria for miles around sprouts from a footpath outside a butchers shop in Figueres. I’ll photograph it for next spring’s blog page.

The north facing balcony gets hot early morning sunshine and almost as hot afternoon shade on a summer’s day. I was tempted to try a trailing fuchsia last year but the plant was unable to cope with the rapidly drying compost and conditions. Whichever plants we choose this year we will add a water retentive gel to the mix, in an attempt to even out the drying period.

Balcony flowers for next year will defiantly include the classic pelargoniums and geraniums for which Spanish balconies are famous. Planted en-mass they put on a fantastic show that is hard to match. The only disappointment is the lack of fragrance, though perfume from nearby jasmine flowers should compensate, and the lavenders will help too.


  1. In terms of fragrance you might like to consider the scented pelargoniums - they come in all kinds of fragrances including rose, lemon, peppermint, and apricot - not unlike the scent of gardenias. I used to grow a lemon scented pelargonium that was at its best as a garnish in a bowl of grapes - some how all the scents worked together beautifully. I also had a peppermint pelargonium that grew so strongly I had to cut it back regularly. I could only do this when the wind was blowing strongly - the scent of the cut stems was so strong it gave me headaches. I think they'd be great in your garden or on your balcony.

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