Friday, November 10, 2006

Wriggle when you may.

If a dog is mans best friend then surely this has to be every gardeners best friend. This one was around a foot long and 1/2" thick, and is photographed in the bottom of a wheel barrow.

The soil here bakes like concrete but when wet becomes sticky with a porridge like consistency
and like porridge the more liquid you add the sloppier it becomes. For some months I had been digging the plot with a pick and a matock, because my garden spade and fork did't even break the surface. Throughout that period I did't come across any worms. It was only after the monsoon like rains that they appeared; it seems that they occur at a deeper level in the soil coming to the surface when the ground is moist.

Given the size of this worm and a few others I found, I would't like to meet a mole in the dark!

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