Thursday, November 23, 2006

Over the garden wall 1

Here is an example of Mediterranean style planting on a windy coastal site. This is a holiday home and therefore the garden needs to be low maintenance, and this I think is reflected in the design and choice of plants.

The low growing mounds and silver grey foliage and indicative of plants suitable for this environment.


  1. This looks so familiar ! Like the Cape and western Cape area of South Africa. We have the same type climate, I am just wondering, are those plants endemic or are they from here? If you visit my garden site you will see Aloe garden
    My blog has more on the plants in the Karoo and Namibia Aloe garden

  2. Hi Ericat,

    the owner of the garden was not around but I think the plants are likely to be his own collection as not all are represented in the garden centres in the area. If you can name any of the plants you recognise that would be helpful.