Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's behind you!

On a warm evening, though there will be fewer of those from now on, when the insects gather around the lights on the terrace their number and variety of forms can be astounding. One of the most welcome of them is the predatory Praying Mantis if, as it is often claimed that, patience is a virtue then this must be the most virtuous member of the insect world. The barely discernible movement of the Mantis before it's lightning quick strike on an unsuspecting prey make them a joy to watch.

I have seen groups of hundreds of insects gathered all around the Mantis some of which pass within range of it's grasp and yet they go unmolested. Others are not so lucky.

Carolina Mantid or as the scientific community would have it Stagmomantis Carolina, also feed on mosquito's; now that really is welcome news!

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