Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Garden gifts

Looking through the numerous and seasonal garden brochures and catalogues which are proliferate at this time of year. I am struck by the wide range of products now available to us gardeners, everything from traditional hand tools to modern gizmos and gadgets. There are even robotic grass cutters which live in the garden and just get on with it year round, even recharging themselves. It surely won’t be long till it scarifies as well as cuts, and maybe version 2 will also weed, feed and water the lawn too.

Exotic plants and planters in abundance and all manner of greenhouse equipment are there on display. Eco friendly options are the vogue, though always at a very healthy premium. And, if you are at all uncertain in making your purchase of a gift then there is the option of buying a gift token. All needs and tastes appear to be catered for, that is except for mine. All I really want for Christmas is an Anteater.

Is this such a mad idea? After all people send chickens and goats to people who need them. And believe me I need an ant eater.

This after all is just another step on the way to being Eco friendly. I already compost garden and kitchen waste, I plant to encourage wildlife, allow sheep to graze as well as fertilize my grass. An anteater would be the logical extension to this a natural solution to a natural problem.

The territorial range of an anteater is about 2 square kilometres, I can only provide 14,000m2 but there is a solution. You can hire us! That’s right, think about it no more chemicals just a quick phone call and we could pop round to clear your patio and plot of those unwanted pests.

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