Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh well! that's boring...

This photograph is a view down the shaft of the garden well, the bright spot is the reflection of light on the water surface. The water is six meters below the ground level, in former years a submersible pump pushed the water up ridged tubing to storage tanks six metres above ground level.

When we bought the house the pump had not been used for over eight years and did not work.

We have had an electrician check out the power supply which is 380 volt and it's fine. When switched on you can hear the motor running but there is no vibration in the tube. It does not seem that the water is escaping through a hole in the tube.

The electrician and the guy from the agricultural water company think that the hydraulic section of the pump may have become detatched. The only way to establish that is to hire a crane or hoist and raise the pump, a replacement pump would cost 400€ plus fitting.

......at least we can see water

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