Thursday, September 07, 2006

Arriving Angels

The flower bud of the Datura as it opens.

 Carol missed the first two waves of flowers in June and July. At the end of her August trip the plant was budding up again but she had to return to UK without seeing the flowers.


  1. Hi Colin

    Love your site!
    Not sure if you can help. We have been in Spain for two years (inland costa del sol) and have recently move house and inherited a smallish terraced gardens with lots of lovely plants and shrubs. Do you know of any good books (english language) that would help me to identify plants but also how and when to cut back, feed, where to plant etc, or is that too big an 'ask'??

  2. I picked up these book titles from Helen Yemm's page in the Telegraph.

    Practical Gardening on the Costa: Your Personal Guide (Greenfingers, c/o Costa Blanca News,

    The Western Garden Book (Sunset Editions, available through Amazon).

    Gardening In Spain by Marcelle Pitt is readily available in English bookshops on the Costa Blanca. It contains a useful translated vocabulary of English/Spanish plant names.

    Pattie Barron's Create a Mediterranean Garden.

    I use the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening and their Encyclopedia of plants and Flowers. Both of the RHS books are often on offer via book clubs and they also pop up on Amazon.

    Good luck with your garden and your blog too!