Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Something for the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday morning around here is garden time. In Empuriabrava the villa owners are preparing for the new season. Their gardens are receiving a lot of attention from the pruning saw and the waste generated provides an opportunity for be to take cuttings for an attempt at propagation. I visit each week to buy my English newspapers and combine my visit with a foraging expedition.

Aloe Arborecens featured strongly in my collection this week with it´s spiky succulent leaves forming a loose clump the plant is adorned by a large single red flower atop a central stem.

I also rescued a three foot section of a Yucca.

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  1. Hi Colin. It's really good to find someone else creating a Med garden and battling with the Spanish climate. I've loved reading about the many different plants you've put in. Some good work going on in your place, eh.

    Here on Costa de la Luz, we have the ferocious Levante to contend with and have whittled down plants that we know survive most conditions.

    If you're interested, have a look at I've only just got my head round preparing a blog properly, so the pics are a bit all over the show. Now find I can blog straight from Picasa photo software.....much easier!

    I'm a big wrapped up in the veg harvest nightmare at present, but will keep an eye on your site. All the best.