Friday, January 27, 2006

Podranea Ricasoliana

This a spectacular climber capable of covering large areas of boundary wall or fence up to 20' high. The shoots which trail to the ground root readily in a sunny spot, I will also try to propagate by seed in February. The plant is fast growing and should reach 5' - 6' in the first year, though the second year should see the first flower display. The Podranea Ricasoliana plant is hardy to -7 degrees C.

I saw it growing well in Empuriabrava on the coast just a few miles away, so I am confident it will grow well here. A member of the Bignoniaceae family it is commonly known as the pink trumpet vine or the St. John's bay creeper. In late summer as everything else is passing over this plant becomes the star of the show.

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  1. Yes, Colin, what a wonderful plant: in 3 years ours had travelled up and over a 9M workshop and is making its way over new trellising and a pergola....another 4 or 5 metres, despite getting hacked back every winter when the flowers have died down. You may see some of it on the blog site I mentioned in a previous comment.

    I'm very glad to keep up with your doings in your garden. Very interesting ...many thanks