Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mulberry fool

The Mulberries are cropping well despite the lack of rain water. The berries are very sweet and they are attracting the attention of the builders as well as the wasps. Not sure yet which will sting me the most!

Frequent gusts of wind shake the over ripe fruit from the branches littering the ground with decaying pulp. This black gunge is walked into the house staining the newly laid tiled floors.
I pick as much as I can use and freeze and leave the rest to the birds, bugs and builders.

The trees grow well here, and I see the fruit being sold in the local supermarkets at 4€ a kilo.
Mulberries have a short season and I am not sure how many people would be needed to pick and market the fruit if I plant more trees.

Just found this button - €, probably going to have to use it a lot from now on! Isn't technology wonderful when it works?

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