Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The pallets from the builders materials are utilized to build compost bins. The pallets are held together by plastic cable ties, the advantage of the ties is that the bins are easily taken part and moved around the plot.

We collect as much as we can of the horses droppings which littered the land and incorporate all of our waste vegetable matter. Without water the manure will take a long time to mature into useful compost. So we add water little by little and turn it every week by hand. Already change is apparent in the heap, but it is early days yet. I will have to search for an organic compost accelerator.

The only green matter we have is a little grass, and the leaves shed by the three as yet unidentified trees. The trees provided useful shade on the eastern terrace of the villa. The former owner of the house seemed to be describing a kind of fruit or nut, but there are no signs of a crop.

Whilst scouring the horticultural books on a cold dark autumn evening, I finally identify the three trees, they are Mulberry trees. Now what can you do with mulberry's? Is it warm enough here for a silk farm?

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