Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Dawn till dusk

Heat and dust from dawn till dusk! Everyday we toil in the fields with temperatures in the high 40's Celsius. Drinking water is in constant demand. At night it is too hot to sleep and so we start our work as soon as it is light enough, making use of air that is barely any cooler.

If we are going to live here a pool will be an essential element of the garden design. Cables and filtration pipes will be buried so we will have to be careful about the placement of trees and shrubs.

The site has two entrances. Principal access to the house is via a rough track of 100 meters, the track undulates quite steeply in places and may be a problem in very wet weather. The second entrance is a shared road between the adjacent farmer, adjoining factory owner, the newly constructed house next door and ourselves. When we cut down the overgrown vegetation along this road, it appears to be a much better route to the house. If we are going to utilise this access point then we will have to make provision for a road across the plot to the garage on the other side of the house.

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